If your day started with a 2am phone call about a busted pipe or resident-to-resident altercation, you might be an administrator. If you enjoy daily visits to your office doorway from octogenarians with stories to tell (and sometimes lost laundry), you might be an administrator. If in a single shift you’re hugged, cussed, fulfilled and exasperated, you might be an administrator. An accurate job description of a LTC administrator might merge the duties of an accountant, psychotherapist, restauranteur, diplomat, salesman, preacher and sometimes plumber. Where do you find time to set goals (much less lead the team to achieve them) with so many balls to juggle?

Do This to Boost the Odds of Meeting Goals

Progress is difficult when much of the day is occupied putting out fires.  Setting well-defined goals then committing to action steps to achieve them is the secret to stability, steady growth and performance improvement. In addition, research shows that developing a support network around your objectives dramatically increases the likelihood of success. In a recent study it was found that 76% of participants successfully achieved their goals when they (1) put goals and planned actions in writing then (2) shared regular progress reports with a friend. (Matthews et. al). The goal achievement outcomes were 33% higher than participants who failed to follow these steps.  With this in mind, we invite you to set aside regular time for goal progress by participating in targeted curriculum that facilitates step-by-step success and offers an avenue for peer accountability

No-Nonsense Curriculum to Realize Your Team’s 2023 Resolutions

You Might Be an Administrator If…

This 6-month series is geared toward the ups and downs of life as an Administrator, addressing hot topics in LTC operations with insightful NAB approved webinar presentations followed by discussion of actual facility scenarios submitted by participating Administrators. As part of the program, participants receive access to a closed discussion forum chat room for goal sharing, networking and ongoing topic dialogue with peers. Join Proactive for this 6-month virtual forum that is part education, part support group– and gain new perspectives for overcoming the unique challenges of being a LTC Administrator. Begins January 17, 2023. Learn More and Register

5 Star Work Plans A-Z

This 6-week series takes you step by step through action planning for 5 Star improvement in 2023, including overcoming common challenges and prioritizing strategies to make the quickest impact.  Gain insights into how the 5-Star rating is calculated & tips on how to analyze your data and develop an effective 5-Star improvement work plan. Begins January 18, 2023Learn more and register

Mission Possible: SNF Department Head Briefings

This 12-month series considers how facility leaders can divide and conquer to drive success, and is most beneficial when attended by the Administrator and respective department heads based on monthly topics. Department-specific management functions for department heads with sessions specific to Administrators, DONs, Housekeeping, Social Services, Activities, Dietary, Maintenance and Therapy will be offered. Topics include department-specific considerations for infection control, survey preparedness, roles in meetings, IDT systems integration, MDS documentation, care planning, driving QMs, employee satisfaction and customer service. This series is ideal for new or seasoned department heads with recordings available for ongoing access on-demand to these essential lessons on the building blocks of SNF/LTC operational success. Begins January 24, 2023. Learn more and register


Deep Dive Into Federal Regulations in a Year

Is your resolution to be deficiency free in 2023? Consider this series which provides a deep dive into key federal regulations for LTC. Resident rights, abuse/neglect/exploitation, admission/transfer/discharge, Resident assessment, comprehensive resident-centered care plan, quality of life, quality of care, physician services, nursing services, behavioral health, pharmacy services, lab/radiology/diagnostic services, dental services, food/nutrition services, specialized rehab services, administration, QAPI, Infection Control, compliance and ethics programs, physical environment, and training requirements regulations and the respective Interpretive guidance will be covered with strategies to drive survey success. Begins January 10, 2023. Learn more and register


Amie Martin, OTR/L, CHC, RAC-CT, MJ

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