MDS in nursing homes

MDS Consulting for Skilled Nursing Facilities, Nursing Homes and LTC Facilties

Skilled Nursing Facility Medicare PDPM Support


Proactive’s MDS coding and documentation experts provide the coaching and validation services you need to succeed under PDPM. Let us assist your team in coding accurately to capture the patient-centered care you’re providing to ensure proper Medicare reimbursement. PDPM Support Services include remote MDS validation audits, supportive documentation and coding training, and clinical reimbursement process improvement consulting. Facility specific projects and annual partner work plans are available. Proactive consultants are experts in the critical elements of MDS coding, SNF ICD.10-CM, systems of IDT clinical collaboration and reimbursement/billing compliance for SNF/long term care settings.

Download our “Understanding the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM)” here.

Download a printable PDPM Coding Support Solutions Information Sheet here.

The Primary Diagnoses Under PDPM: How to Avoid Common Mistakes

MDS 3.0/RAI Systems Audit


    • PDPM Coding and Documentation Audits
    • Medicaid CMI Reviews
    • Quality Measures
    • MDS Validation Audits
    • MDS Systems Development and Management
    • Medicare Program Compliance Audits
    • Contract or in-house therapy medical necessity audit services by qualified therapist consultants
    • Mock Surveys
    • Medical Review Risk Management

    Interim MDS Staffing


    Proactive provides remote interim MDS completion services for post-acute care settings including SNF/LTC facilities and Swing Bed/Transitional Care Units

    RAI Training & Education


    • Orientation of new MDS Staff
    • RAC-CT and RAC-CTA Workshops as a Training Partner with AAPACN. Find upcoming workshops 
    • Advanced MDS training topics such as: Improving CMI, Quality Measures, CAA Processes, and Clinical Meetings
    • Functional Measures (GG) and ADL (G) Coding Training
    • Nursing Skilled Documentation Training
    • Therapy Skilled Documentation Training
    • Person-Centered Care Planning
    • ICD-10 Coding Training with AHIMA-approved Trainers
    • Restorative Nursing Program Education
    • Quality Measures

    Square Away MDS with Proactive!


    MDS Orientation

    12 contact hours of live virtual MDS orientation training with expert trainers over 3 interactive training days, with break out groups and coding practice. Extensive resource manual and opportunities for Q&A provided in this MDS orientation that introduces critical clinical assessment, care planning and MDS concepts impacting facility reimbursement, quality measures, and regulatory compliance.

    MDS Coaching Program

    Proactive MDS coaches provide a proven plan of 1:1 support and oversight for 60 days. Services include completing or reviewing a sample of MDS assessments alongside you. In addition, direct access to a designated coach for questions, coding help and guidance is available as you hone the skills introduced in orientation. Ask us about special discounts available to orientation attendees!

    MDS Safeguard Audits Partnership

    Ensure MDS compliance and reimbursement accuracy through remote MDS assessment pre-submission QA audits of Medicare assessments with detailed reports and monthly consultation services on a targeted completion schedule. Historically, these audits more than pay for themselves in errors corrected and missed opportunities identified and captured.

    Interim MDS Coverage

    Proactive provides remote interim MDS completion services. Contact us for help in covering PTO and other MDS interim staffing needs. Our consultants provide reliable, secure MDS support and completion services you can rely on to maintain accurate and timely MDS completion and submission.

    What our clients say about us…

    “Proactive Medical Review and Consulting has been a great resource to our team. Their passion and professionalism show in everything they do. From reimbursement processes to regulatory compliance, PMR keeps us on the leading edge of our industry. We are happy to have them in our corner.”

    Brody O’Niones


    “We operate a large CCRC campus with a 170 bed SNF facility. On a couple of occasion we turned to Proactive to assist us remotely with MDS support and completion. They communicated well with my nursing department in coordinating MDS schedules and assessment needs. The nicest aspect overall was the level of competency they brought to temporarily fulfilling our MDS Coordinator needs. I would not hesitate to turn to them again should a short term or longer MDS Coordination need occur.”

    Bill Pierce, HFA

    Compass Park Indiana Masonic Home

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