Facility Assessment

Proactive consultants have revised the Facility Assessment Toolkit that provides an easy to follow guide to help your facility comply with the updated requirements of the Minimum Staffing Rule by the August 2024 deadline. In addition to the toolkit, Proactive offers consultation options to assist your facility with the assessment.

Need help with your Facility Assessment? Proactive offers these consultation options:

Data Collection Assistance Option

(20 hours estimated)

Our team will assist in gathering & organizing the necessary data for your customized Facility Assessment.


  • Initial Consultation: We will meet with your team to understand your facility’s specific needs and tailor our approach accordingly.
  • Data Collection Guidance: Our consultants will guide your team through the data collection process, ensuring all required information is accurately gathered and will input your facility specific data into the Proactive Facility Assessment tool.
  • Training: We will provide training and and guidance for your team to accurately complete the Facility Assessment process
  • Handoff: Once data collection is complete, your team will take over to review, make decisions, and finalize the Facility Assessment.
Ideal for facilities looking for expert assistance in the data collection phase, but prefer to complete the assessment/analysis portion independently.

Comprehensive FA Completion Assistance

(40 hours estimated)

Proactive consultants will work alongside your team to guide and assist in completing the entire Facility Assessment process.


  • Data Collection Assistance as described above with full access to the Proactive Facility Assessment Toolkit included in the project fee
  • Weekly Virtual Meetings: Proactive Consultant will lead weekly virtual meetings to manage the project
  • Task Delegation and Management: Clear listing of weekly tasks for data collection, ensuring responsibilities are effectively delegated among your team members.
  • Ongoing Support: Our consultants will be available to assist with any challenges and provide expert advice throughout the data collection process.
  • Finalization Meetings: Once data collection is complete, we will facilitate meetings to review the data, make critical decisions on resource allocation, and finalize the Facility Assessment.
  • Compliance Assurance: Our goal is to ensure your facility meets all regulatory requirements and is well-prepared for any CMS surveys.
Ideal for facilities looking for expert assistance in the data collection phase, but prefer to complete the assessment/analysis portion independently.

Additional Resource Blogs

Facility Assessment Tipsheet: Addressing Behavioral Health Needs

CMS has issued updated guidance that surveyors will use to evaluate nursing home providers’ compliance with the expanded facility assessment requirements included in the minimum staffing rule, which become effective on August 8, 2024. Every nursing home provider must complete an updated facility assessment by this date. The facility assessment must include an evaluation of the diseases, conditions, physical and/or cognitive limitations, the severity of these conditions and other pertinent information about the resident population that may impact the services provided. This assessment of the resident population should be used by the facility to drive staffing decisions and determine the skills and competencies facility staff must possess to meet the needs of the residents under their care. Consider these tips for compliance with reviewing behavioral health as part of your Facility Assessment… read more.

Minimum Staffing Rule’s Facility Assessment Mandate

On April 22, 2024, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS issued the Minimum Staffing Standards for Long-Term Care (LTC) Facilities and Medicaid Institutional Payment Transparency Reporting final rule. This final rule mandates the following minimum staffing hours per resident day (HPRD)… read more

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