As we close out 2023, let’s highlight the top ten most read articles from the past year covering topics that range from common MDS coding errors, avoiding deficiencies in Food and Nutrition Services, Medical Review risks, all the way to Care and Maintenance of the Maintenance Department…

  1. 10/1 Update to the Coding of Parkinson’s Disease Read Now
  2. LTC Best Practices: F770-779 Labs & Other Diagnostic Services Read Now
  3. Outside the Box Staffing: Remote MDS Read Now
  4. What do I need to know about the changes to Depression Screening in MDS Section D that were effective October 1, 2023? Read Now
  5. Do you anticipate significant changes in capturing depression end-splits for the nursing CMGs with the October 1st change to PHQ-2 to 9 from PHQ-9? Read Now
  6. Lights…Camera…Action Plan for October 1st MDS Changes Read Now
  7. Every SNF to Undergo 5 Claim Medicare Audit Read Now
  8. Food and Nutrition Services: Top Deficiencies and How to Avoid Them Read Now
  9. Care and Maintenance of the Maintenance Department Read Now
  10. Ins and Outs of F-Tag 582 Medicaid/Medicare Coverage/Liability Notice Read Now

Make plans to join Proactive for these New Educational Offerings Beginning in January 2024!

      • Deconstructing Immediate Jeopardy & High Risk Tagsstarts January 9, 2024
          • This 12-month webinar series is designed to empower nursing home professionals with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the top risk areas associated with Immediate Jeopardy citations. Drawing from real-life examples of IJ citations, we’ll delve into actionable solutions to prevent these critical citations.
      • Documentation In Depth–Starts January 16, 2024
          • This 12-month series facilitates moving clinical documentation from satisfactory to superior with a focus on defending quality of care and supporting accurate reimbursement. Discussion will include assessment considerations, effective care planning in high-risk areas, reporting daily care and services, and overcoming common barriers. Extensive case studies and documentation examples will be included. This webinar series aims to empower healthcare professionals in SNFs/NFs to provide the highest quality of care while maintaining the integrity and accuracy of their documentation.
      • MDS Orientation-Building Blocks for Superior MDS TeamsJanuary 22-24, 2024
          • 12 contact hours of live virtual MDS orientation training with expert trainers over 3 interactive training days, with break out groups and coding practice. Extensive resource manual and opportunities for Q&A provided in this MDS orientation that introduces critical clinical assessment, care planning and MDS concepts impacting facility reimbursement, quality measures, and regulatory compliance.
      • The Impact of the MDS –starts February 7, 2024
          • The MDS has a ripple effect on facility reimbursement, quality measures and care quality. Make plans to join Proactive for a 5 session webinar series that targets what facility leaders need to know about the MDS to oversee and drive reimbursement, quality measures/QRP, 5-Star success and care quality. Proactive’s MDS experts will provide clarity on crucial performance areas impacted by the RAI process, avoiding common errors and driving outcomes through MDS accuracy in your facility.



Amir Martin, CDP, CHC, RAC-CT, MJ

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