As of October 1, 2023, the code G20 is now obsolete and will likely reject on any billing to Medicaid, Medicare, or insurance companies. Prior to your November billing, you will want to update to the appropriate new codes to avoid delayed billing processes.

This diagnosis is quite important to be accurately coded for PDPM as well as for Case Mix purposes.

The new codes available are as follows:

      • G20.A1 (Parkinson’s disease without dyskinesia, without mention of fluctuations),
      • G20.A2 (Parkinson’s disease without dyskinesia, with fluctuations),
      • G20.B1 (Parkinson’s disease with dyskinesia, without mention of fluctuations),
      • G20.B2 (Parkinson’s disease with dyskinesia, with fluctuations),
      • G20.C (Parkinsonism, unspecified)  *note this diagnosis is not allowed to be coded on the MDS as Parkinson’s Disease.

A suggested practice to clarify G20 to an acceptable Parkinson’s Diagnosis is to query the physician/neurologist treating and ask for a more specific diagnosis and provide the code options above.

Contact your Proactive consultant if you have questions or need further guidance on this matter.


Rosanna Benbow, RN, CCM, ICC, IP, DNS-CT, QCP, RAC-CTA
Regional Director

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