LTC facilities in all states began a new computer-based survey process on November 28, 2017 for standard surveys. This new process incorporates new survey procedures, new survey forms, new F-tags, and 41 new and updated critical element pathways.

3 part Survey Process:

  1. Initial Pool Process –¬†Interviews, Observations & Limited Record Review
  2. Sample Selection – 70% MDS pre-selected off-site / 30% selected onsite\
  3. Investigation Portion –¬†9 Mandatory Tasks, Closed Record Reviews & Triggered Investigations

Mock Surveys For Advanced Preparation

Proactive offers mock survey services to assist providers in preparing for the annual survey process by identifying potential risk areas. Our experienced team identifies potential deficiencies related to your systems, procedures and processes of care.

The mock survey process includes initial pool process interviews, observations, and record reviews for a partial survey sample based on Attachment A: Sample Size Grid and Recommended Team Size from the Long Term Care Survey Procedure

Proactive Consultants complete:

  • All 9 mandatory tasks;
  • A review of all additional areas triggered for review through the initial pool process.
  • A detailed report of findings to guide any needed plan of correction.

Resources and guidance are available as needed in follow up to the mock survey visit including consultations on developing a plan of correction, follow-up compliance visits, staff training, and on-going regulatory compliance consultation services.

Contact Proactive to schedule a mock survey and for regulatory compliance assistance including review of your Facility Assessment, Emergency Preparedness Plan, or complete Phase 1-3 RoP preparation.