I heard we don’t have to code urinary tract infection (UTI) in section I if it doesn’t meet the McGeers requirement, but my DON is telling me I do have to code it. Can you clarify?




Urinary Tract Infections that do not meet evidence-based criteria such as McGeer, NHSN, or Loeb in the last 30 days, should not be coded in I2300. The exception would be if the diagnosis of UTI was made prior to the resident’s admission, entry, or reentry into the facility, it is not necessary to obtain or evaluate the evidence-based criteria used to make the diagnosis in the prior setting. A documented physician diagnosis of UTI prior to admission is acceptable. (pg 1-13 MDS RAI Manual)


Rosanna Benbow, RN, CCM, ICC, IP, DNS-CT, QCP, RAC-CTA
Regional Director

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