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Our therapy provider said they are putting everyone’s ARD as day 7. We were planning day 8. Is there any advantage to day 7 verses 8?


ARDs should be selected for each individual resident based on the relevant information you’re looking to report on the MDS. One advantage to scheduling the ARD on day 7 would be ‘capturing’ day of admission in the 7-day look-back period. In other words, day of admission is excluded if the ARD is scheduled on day 8. Under PDPM, the per diem rate corresponds with resident complexity; therefore, it is important that the reference period selected is representative of as many patient complexities as are relevant using the possible available ARD options between days 1-8. For example, if a patient’s, routine nebulizers were discontinued on day 7, setting the ARD on day 7 would allow the 7 days of respiratory therapy provided to be captured.

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Blog by Kristen Walden, MSN, RN RAC-CT, Clinical Consultant, Proactive Medical Review

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