We are now all familiar with the 48-hour baseline care plan that was implemented with the Requirements of Participation (ROP). One of the often overlooked or under developed components of this care plan is the resident activity needs. While the comprehensive MDS and supplemental data collection tools are usually not fully completed within the first 48 hours of a resident’s admission, there must be a baseline plan to address the activity needs of the resident until the comprehensive care plan can be put in place. A well-developed baseline activity care plan will help set the tone for meeting the resident’s psychosocial needs.

One of the most efficient and effective means of completing a 48-hour baseline activity care plan is to utilize a checklist-style template. This method will promote development of a resident-centered care plan by choosing the specific resident problems, goals and interventions from a wide-ranging list of choices. This can be done on a paper form, or keyed into the facility software care plan library. A sample baseline activity care plan template can be found below.

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When interviewed, the majority of residents express that the most important parts of their day revolve around meals and activities. It is time to give activities the attention they deserve.

Reference: 42 CFR § 483.21 – Comprehensive person-centered care planning

Blog by Janine Lehman, RN, RAC-CT, CLNC, Proactive Medical Review

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