Highlights from the new RAI release

Opportunity to Review Assessment Steps and Coding Guidance

CMS has released the MDS 3.0 Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) Manual v1.17 effective for assessments with an ARD of 10/1/2019 and after. PDPM guidance and calculation worksheets can be found in Chapter 6. Please note this is an early release and contains updates related to PDPM but there could still be additional updates and a final posting prior to October 1st. This early release provides us with the opportunity to review assessment steps and coding guidance in advance of PDPM implementation! As always, please feel free to contact Proactive with any questions you may have.

Top Takeaways to Consider:

  • PDPM information and PDPM Classification Walkthrough for SNFs (Chapter 6)
  • Clarification of C0100: Should Brief Interview for Mental Status Be Conducted? …only in the case of PPS assessments, staff may complete the Staff Assessment for Mental Status for an interviewable resident when the resident is unexpectedly discharged from a Part A stay prior to the completion of the BIMS. (Chapter 3, Section C, pg. C-2)
  • Guidance and examples for Interrupted Stay (Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, section A)
  • Assessment steps and coding tips for new items J2100-J5000 (Chapter 3, section J)
  • Addition of GG Interim performance to be reported on the IPA (Chapter 3, section GG)
  • Coding examples for I0020 and I0020B: Primary medical condition (Chapter 3, section I)

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Blog by Eleisha Wilkes, RN, RAC-CT, Clinical Consultant, Proactive Medical Review

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