Across the nation, nursing homes have accessed new and creative ways of facilitating social interaction with their residents while minimizing the spread of COVID-19. As staff and residents began to settle into the ‘new normal,’ facilities were adjusting to rapidly evolving rules and guidelines impacting activities and community access. As most nursing homes remain closed or under visitation limitations with social distancing in effect, residents have had to spend most of their time in their rooms. Connecting in new ways has helped to bridge the communication divide for residents and their loved ones.

Ideas for Successful Connections

Many facilities have scheduled successful family ‘visits’ via Facetime, Skype, Zoom, and similar platforms. Others have hosted hallway or ‘door frame’ parties to enable interaction while maintaining social distance, or held virtual exercise classes or small classes that allow social distance guidelines to be followed. In addition to these connection opportunities, free online resources bring enrichment to residents. Here are several sites you may want to check out:

Some residents have found joy in free virtual tours which includes:

Others have spent their time listening to music and watching theater which can include:


Blog by MacKenzie Powell, Communications Intern, Proactive Medical Review