What can a Director of Nursing (DON) do to ensure an effective antibiotic stewardship program is in place?




The DON plays a significant role in establishing and maintaining an effective antibiotic stewardship program. Here are key strategies the DON can implement to ensure the success of such a program:

  1. Leadership Commitment: Advocate for the importance of antibiotic stewardship at the executive level. This includes providing the necessary resources, supporting training initiatives, and setting the tone for the significance of this issue.
  2. Policy Development: Collaborate with the facility’s interdisciplinary team, which includes physicians, pharmacists, infection preventionists, and quality assurance personnel, to develop clear and comprehensive policies and protocols for antibiotic use.
  3. Monitoring and Surveillance: Implement a system to review antibiotic prescriptions to identify any patterns of misuse or overuse. This may involve collaborating with the pharmacist to ensure appropriate dosages and recommend alternatives when necessary.
  4. Feedback Mechanisms: Establish a process in which the nursing staff receives feedback and shares any identified areas of concern. Regularly discuss these concerns at staff meetings.


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Nancy Casperd BSN, RN, CHC, CDP
Clinical Consultant

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