Under the NHSN Data Reporting, who is included in contracted and vendor HCP (healthcare personnel) for vaccination reporting?


After the NHSN COVID-19 Vaccination Team held webinars in November 2021 that reviewed frequently asked questions (FAQs) and data entry for the COVID-19 Vaccination Modules, they  clarified their guidance regarding how to report COVID-19 vaccination data for individuals considered vendors. Updates and clarifications are bolded and underlined below:

The list below includes examples of contracted and vendor HCP who provide direct patient care and who perform non-direct or non-patient care duties. This list is not exhaustive.

Contracted and vendor HCP can include the following non-employee care providers who may or may not be involved in patient care:

      • Admitting staff/clerical support/registrars
      • Agency nurses
      • Ambulance drives (who enter the facility to assist with transportation)
      • Biomedical engineers
      • Central supply staff
      • Chaplains
      • Construction workers (working inside the facility)
      • Dietary/food service staff
      • Dieticians
      • Dialysis technicians
      • EKG technicians
      • EMG technicians
      • Home health aides
      • Housekeeping staff
      • Information Technology staff
      • Laboratory: Phlebotomists
      • Laboratory: Technicians
      • Landscapers (working inside the facility)
      • Laundry staff
      • Maintenance staff/engineers
      • Nursing aides
      • Occupational therapists
      • Patient care technicians
      • Patient transporters
      • Pharmacists
      • Pharmacy/medication technicians
      • Physical therapists
      • Psychologists
      • Psychology technicians/Mental health workers
      • Radiology: X-ray technicians
      • Recreational therapists/Music therapists
      • Respiratory therapists
      • Security staff
      • Social workers/Case managers
      • Speech therapists
      • Surgical technicians
      • Traveling nurses
      • Ultrasound technicians
      • Utilization review nurses


Janine Lehman, RN, RAC-CT, CLNC
Director of Legal Nurse Consulting

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