Under F761, what needs to be included on the label of multi-dose products that are pulled from the E-kit, brought from home or brought from the hospital?


Multi-use products should be labeled with:

      • The original manufacturer’s or pharmacy-applied label indicating the medication name;
      • Strength;
      • Quantity;
      • Accessory instructions;
      • Lot number
      • Expiration date when applicable.
      • The date when opened,  so that they can be monitored for when they expire, if it is a med that can only be used for a specified time after opening.

Some states/facilities do not allow meds to be brought in from home as the integrity of the medication cannot be verified/accounted for. When permissible, meds brought from home or the hospital should be in pharmacy packaging that meets the regulatory labeling criteria below:

      • The medication name (generic and/or brand);
      • Prescribed dose, strength;
      • The expiration date when applicable;
      • Resident’s name; and
      • Route of administration.
      • The medication should also be labelled with or accompanied by appropriate instructions and precautions (such as shake well, take with meals, do not crush, special storage instructions).
      • For medications designed for multiple administrations (e.g., inhalers, eye drops), the label identifies the specific resident for whom it was prescribed


Janine Lehman, RN, RAC-CT, CLNC
Director of Legal Nurse Consulting

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