The Registered Dietitian in my building has documented malnutrition on a new admission. I want to ensure I receive the 1 NTA point for malnutrition. Can I use the Dietician’s documentation to code Malnutrition in I5600? Will coding malnutrition in I5600 capture the NTA point?



To be able to code a diagnosis in Section I of the MDS, 2 criteria must be met:

  1. A physician must have documented the diagnosis in the last 60 days; and
  2. The diagnosis must have a direct relationship to the resident’s current functional status, cognitive status, mood or behavior, medical treatments, nursing monitoring, or risk of death during the 7 day look back period (pg I-7 RAI Manual).

I suggest meeting with the IDT to review new admissions prior to the ARD of the assessment and completing a thorough review of the resident medical record. Consider the existing supporting documentation and query the physician for possible new diagnosis as necessary.

Chapter 6 page 30-31 of the RAI Manual provides Table 16, a listing of the condition/extensive services impacting the NTA Comorbidity score calculation. Table 16 also provides the MDS items used to capture the NTA point. For malnutrition, I5600 will provide the NTA point.



Brandy Hayes, RN, RAC-CT
Clinical Consultant

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