Since there are no changes to the MDS Item Set for this FY, am I able to open/schedule October assessments now without worry?



While it is true that there are no CMS directed changes to the MDS Item Sets for FY 2022, it would still be prudent to validate the RUG/PDPM version (Z0100B) for assessments with an ARD of 10/01/2021 or later. Depending on you state, there may be PDPM related items including Section GG that are being added to these assessments. Review Final Validation reports for Warning – 3935b which may indicate the software and MDS grouper versions may differ. In such cases it may be that the software has had a delay in updating the version code.

Answer by Eleisha Wilkes, RN, GERO-BC, RAC-CTA, RAC-CT, DNS-CT, Proactive Medical Review

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