I have a resident who was discharged (unplanned) and remained in the hospital for 15 days before returning to my facility. A Quarterly MDS assessment fell due during the time they were out of the facility and my software is showing it as late or missed. What should I do?


If a resident goes to the hospital (discharge return anticipated and returns within 30 days) and returns during the assessment period and most of the assessment was completed prior to the hospitalization, then the nursing home may wish to continue with the original assessment, provided the resident does not meet the criteria for an SCSA.

For example:

  • Resident A has a Quarterly assessment with an ARD of March 20th. The facility staff finished most of the assessment. The resident is discharged (return anticipated) to the hospital on March 23rd and returns on March 25th. Review of the information from the discharging hospital reveals that there is not any significant change in status for the resident. Therefore, the facility staff continues with the assessment that was not fully completed before discharge and may complete the assessment by April 3rd (which is day 14 after the ARD).
  • Resident B also has a Quarterly assessment with an ARD of March 20th. She goes to the hospital on March 20th and returns March 30th. While there is no significant change the facility decides to start a new assessment and sets the ARD for April 2nd and completes the assessment. (RAI Chapter 2, Expected Order of MDS Records)


Eleisha Wilkes, RN, GERO-BC, RAC-CT- DNS-CT
Clinical Consultant

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