How does a death impact the MDS assessment schedule? We had a resident that was here under Medicare A and the ARD for the PPS 5-day and Admission assessment was scheduled for the 8th day of the stay. She, unfortunately, passed away on the ARD. Do I still need to complete the 5-day/Admission?



The PPS 5-Day assessment will need to be completed to the best of your ability and submitted as planned to generate a PDPM HIPPS code for reimbursement for the dates of service. The Admission assessment does not need to be fully completed or submitted as the resident’s stay was less than 14 days; however, if portions of the Admission assessment were completed then the assessment should be closed (not deleted) and an explanation as to why the assessment was not completed noted in the medical record. If the resident expired while still admitted to the SNF, a Death in Facility Tracking Record should also be completed using the date of death as the ARD and no Discharge assessments are required.


Answer by Eleisha Wilkes, RN, GERO-BC, RAC-CTA, RAC-CT, DNS-CT
Clinical Consultant

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