To comply with federal security mandates, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has initiated new security requirements for access control to CMS Quality Systems through Remote Identity Proofing (RIDP) via the Healthcare Quality Information System (HCQIS) Access, Roles and Profile Management (HARP) system. To gain access, all current and future provider users are required to create an account and establish credentials in the HARP, which is a secure identity management portal provided by CMS.

The transition from QIES to iQIES requires each facility to identify at least one staff member to act as the Provider Security Officer (PSO). The PSO will need to be approved by CMS. Once approved, the PSO will be responsible for approving all iQIES users for the facility, including third-party vendors that submit MDS’s for the facility. CMS recommends that facilities designate at least two PSOs to ensure someone will be available to approve/reject any iQIES access requests for the facility. Users wanting to submit MDS data and for other purposes after the transition to iQIES on April 17th will not be granted access unless the PSO approves the request.

Important Dates

      • April 13, 2023 – The current QIES platform for MDS submission will shut down on April 13, 2023 at 8pm EDT.
      • April 17, 2023 – The new iQIES platform will go live on April 17, 2023 at 8am EDT.

MDS submissions cannot be completed during this period. Validation reports for MDS’s submitted in QIES, as well as other certain reports, will be available in QIES for a short amount of time after April 13th.

iQIES Basics

Each facility will need at least one person serving as PSO (Provider Security Official). The PSO must be set up prior to setting up users. CMS will approve the first PSO applicant. Subsequent iQIES users will be approved by the facility’s PSO.

Step 1: Create a HCQIS Access Roles and Profile (HARP) Account

      • Go to:
      • The application requires identify proofing via a series of personal questions, much like a credit check. The HARP login can then be used to access iQIES.

Step 2: Create User Role in iQIES

      • Go to:
      • Use HARP login
      • Request appropriate role and submit
      • PSO will receive notification of the role request from the HARP system
      • PSO will login to their HARP account and approve facility user accounts

If your facility utilizes a third party for MDS auto-submission, check with them to determine when they will cease MDS submission under the current QIES platform. Your facility may have to manually submit MDS’s for a short period of time in preparation for the transition to iQIES.

Per CMS: Providers should take in to account all requirements when determining the date they submit completed MDS records, including but not limited to, submission timelines, claims processing, and care planning requirements.

The HARP/iQIES accounts should be set up prior to April 17th to prevent a delay in MDS submissions.

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Written By: Angie Hamer, RN, RAC-CT
Clinical Consultant


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