Now that CMS approved OT, PT, and SLPs for telehealth service delivery, can we start utilizing this distant service option for treatment delivery with appropriate patients?



New guidance issued by CMS issued on April 30th acknowledges OT, PT, SLP clinicians as eligible practitioners that can furnish and bill for Medicare telehealth services and receive payment. However, the language was uncertain related to billing in the private practice setting versus the institutional (SNF/NF/Rehab Agency/Hospital Outpatient) setting. CMS clarified on the May 5th Office Hours call that only private practices can do telehealth services; they also clarified approval for telehealth treatment provided by OTAs and PTAs with proper state supervision (from PT / OT) in place.

What this means:

Providers who submit claims on a 1500 professional form can be reimbursed for telehealth services. But unfortunately, providers who submit claims on a UB-04 institutional form are still prohibited from Medicare telehealth reimbursement. CMS did report this is an area they continue to review.

Blog by Stacy Baker, OTR/L, RAC-CT, CHC, Proactive Medical Review

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