Why am I receiving this error message for submitted OBRA assessments on my Final Validation Report?


MDS 3.0 Item(s): Z0100B, RECALCULATED_Z0100B
Item Values: 1.0007, 1.0008
Message Number: -3935b WARNING
Message: Incorrect RUG/PDPM Version: The submitted value of the RUG/PDPM version code does not match the value calculated by the QIES ASAP System.



There is nothing you need to do in response to this warning and received it due to the addition of PDPM items to the OBRA assessments. Per CMS MDS 3.0 Technical Information page, an update to the PDPM Grouper DLL has been posted, along with its source code and test cases. This version, V1.0008, corrects an issue with a dynamic array that was not consistently reinitialized when processing multiple assessments within a short time frame. This occasionally caused incorrect PDPM recalculation results when processing pre- and post- 10/01/2020 assessments


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