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What is the difference between the NTA conditions parenteral / IV Feeding level high and low?


In order to qualify for high intensity parental / IV feeding and 7 NTA points, the resident must receive 51% or more of total calories by artificial route (K0510A2 = Checked) AND (K0710A2 = 3).  If the resident receives 26–50% and 501cc/day at MDS Item (K0510A2 = Checked) AND (K0710A2 = 2) AND (K0710B2 = 2), then the resident would qualify for low-intensity parenteral / IV feedings for 3 NTA Points.

It is important that total calories received through artificial routes are calculated and documented accurately so that the appropriate intensity level and NTA points are assigned.

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Blog by Kristen Walden, MSN, RN RAC-CT, Clinical Consultant, Proactive Medical Review

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