I have a resident who went home this past week to spend a few hours with family. While on her therapeutic leave she expired. Do I complete a Discharge Return Not Anticipated assessment or death in facility?


A Death in Facility assessment would be completed. RAI Manual pg 2-10 states Death in Facility refers to when the resident dies in the facility or dies while on a leave of absence (LOA) (see LOA definition). The facility must complete a Death in Facility tracking record. No Discharge assessment is required.  Leave of Absence (LOA), which does not require completion of either a Discharge assessment or an Entry tracking record, occurs when a resident has a:  temporary home visit of at least one night; or therapeutic leave of at least one night; or hospital observation stay less than 24 hours and the hospital does not admit the resident (pg 2-13). This would include residents that are sent to the hospital and pass prior to being admitted, such as in the ER.


Brandy Hayes, RN, RAC-CT
Clinical Consultant

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