Earlier this year CMS transitioned from QIES to IQIES for MDS submission and CASPER reporting access. This transition left some MDS coordinators confused about how to access reports that were previously made available through QIES.

Available report types for each user are determined by the IQIES role assigned to the individual users. Permissions are determined by the HARP access privileges. If users believe that they do not have the correct access set up, they should contact the Security Officer for their organization to verify their IQIES user role is correctly set up.

CMS recently posted the IQIES Reports User Manual (V2.5 10/5/2023), which can be accessed using the link below:

iQIES Reports User Manual v2.5 FINAL 10.04.23_0.pdf (cms.gov)

This manual provides detailed instructions on how to identify and view new reports that are automatically added to their reports folder and how to schedule and run the multitude of provider requested reports that can be generated on demand. The reports will likely be found in one of the following four permanent system folders:

      • MDS 3.0 Final Validation Report folder, where the system generated FVRs are stored.
      • MDS 3.0 Provider Preview Report folder, where files such as the provider preview reports and SNF VBP files are distributed.
      • Non-Compliance Notification folder, which contains APU compliance notification letters for all care settings.
      • Package Reports folder, which is a report page in IQIES, where a user can choose to run the MDS 3.0 Facility Characteristics, MDS 3.0 Facility-Level QM report and MDS 3.0 Resident-Level QM report all in ONE report run.

Below is a sampling of reports that may be run on demand by the provider along with the purpose for each report. Each of these reports may be useful to providers in a variety of different situations. Facilities with a focus on improving quality will want to regularly run and review the reports in the quality measure category. As a result of the significant changes to the MDS 3.0 effective 10/1/2023, which includes the removal of section G. Many of the MDS based quality measures have been revised to address the MDS changes. The current version of the MDS 3.0 Quality Measure User’s Manual (V16.0) can be accessed at this link: mds-3.0-qm-users-manual-v16.0.pdf (cms.gov)

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Christine Twombly, RN-BC, RAC-MT, RAC-MTA, HCRM, CHC
Clinical Consultant

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