How should SNF facilities handle employee requests off related to traveling out of state? Should we look at a mandatory negative test or a quarantine?



Since every contact increases the risk of transmission to residents, it is recommended to continue to encourage your staff to practice social distancing outside of work and limiting travel. While CMS has not provided guidance on this topic, CDC says that international travelers should be excluded from work and self-quarantine for 14 days upon return and that cruise ship travel is not recommended. CDC has not provided guidance for healthcare facilities related to self-quarantine and domestic travel, but some states may require it. When developing individual facility policies on how to manage staff vacation and travel, facilities should be sensitive to any potential for workplace discrimination and/or harassment. Learn more about the CDC’s list of considerations for travelers.

Blog by Sherry Roberts, RN, Nationally Certified COVID-Ready Caregiver, Proactive Medical Review

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