Proactive has released two new PDPM toolkits: PDPM Physician Toolkit and Hospital PDPM Quick Guide and Hospital to SNF Discharge PDPM Documentation Checklist

PDPM Physician Toolkit ($129)

The PDPM Physician Toolkit provides the essential information and query process tools providers need to know to effectively partner with SNFs in caring for Medicare residents under PDPM. This comprehensive tool-kit includes:

  • Physician Training Guide which overview of reimbursement under the new model, key coding criteria, NTA component items and point system, key elements of the PT, OT, SLP and Nursing Components, MDS Assessment Changes, the Variable Per Diem and Interrupted Stay Policy under PDPM, The Administrative Level of Care Presumption, and physician targeted guidance on best practices for effective collaboration with the SNF care team including guidance surrounding orders, physician signatures, the history and physical, diagnosis specificity, effective communication processes, and managing complex care plans. This professionally formatted PDF document allows your facility to add your logo for customized branding. This document allows for a single facility purchaser to reprint and share this resource with the purchasing facility medical director and other affiliate physicians.
  • Editable Provider Query Process Policy Template which provides a policy template for using a query process to enhance compliance with billing/coding rules and to serve as an educational tool for providers and facility staff. The query process may be used in situations such as insufficient documentation of a specific condition in the presence of clinical indicators that a diagnosis is present, a treatment documented without the presence of a diagnosis noted, for clinical validation of a diagnosis, etc. This template may be edited to meet specific parameters of the facility and may be used by a single purchasing facility .
  • Provider Query Process Form with documentation guidance in a pdf-fill-in form to be used when implementing the Provider Query Process

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Hospital PDPM Quick Guide and Hospital to SNF Discharge PDPM Documentation Checklist ($89)

The Hospital PDPM Quick Guide and Hospital to SNF Discharge PDPM Documentation Checklist offers your admission team a quick resource to guide conversations with hospital discharge planners regarding the SNF reimbursement changes under PDPM and the impact on documentation and coding requirements. This professionally formatted PDF document clearly and succinctly explains what’s new under PDPM and outlines key steps hospital partners can take to assist SNFs in ensuring care quality and documentation compliance and reimbursement accuracy. A comprehensive list of hospital information requested with each transfer to the SNF is included as a PDF fill-in checklist.

Purchase of a toolkit allows a single facility purchaser to reprint and share the resource materials with their affiliated referral sources and providers .

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Needing more PDPM readiness tools and training?

  • Proactive offers full PDPM Partnerships that include comprehensive transition support. Partnerships include step-by-step assistance and in-depth analysis by a Proactive clinical reimbursement expert and access to all Proactive’s tools, resources, policies and training materials.
  • Our MDS coding audit services help facilities to improve coding accuracy, clinical systems, and medical record support for sections GG, I, K, O, C and others relevant to reimbursement under PDPM. Contact us today for more details.
  • Join us in one of the upcoming summer workshop locations. This intensive full day workshop includes deep dive PDPM implementation break out sessions for MDS/Nursing, Administrators and Rehab. If you’re ready to move beyond the basics and toward October 1 preparedness, this workshop is for you! Click here for details.

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Blog by Amie Martin, OTR/L, CHC, RAC-CT, President, Proactive Medical Review

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