I understand SNFs will be transitioning from using QIES to IQIES for transmission of assessment data in early 2023.  What steps should providers take to prepare for this transition?


Although the MDS submission and reporting functionality in IQIES will not be available until January 2023, each provider should prepare now by assigning at a minimum one Provider Security Official (PSO).  The PSO is responsible for granting user roles in iQIES. Without those user roles, the general user cannot upload assessments or generate and view reports for their facility.  CMS highly recommends that at least two PSOs are designated so that there is a higher likelihood that there will be someone available to approve/reject iQIES access requests.  The first PSO for the facility can only be approved by CMS.  Once approved, the existing PSO can approve additional PSO roles for their provider. All users must have PSO approval to access iQIES.

Use the schedule below as a guideline for when to request PSO access to IQES.

Follow the steps below to request PSO approval:

  1. Create an account in HARP at https://harp.cms.gov/register You will need to set up MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for your account and complete the Identify Proofing process.
  2. Create a Provider Security Official role in iQIES by going to https://iqies.cms.gov/
  3. Await Approval

You will receive an email notification.  Upon Approval the PSO will have the ability to approve requests for iQIES access and role types.  An email will be automatically generated once the role is approved.


All individual users will need to follow the above steps to request their user access, which will need to be approved by the PSO.  Since this process may take several days, users are encouraged to set up their user access soon after the PSO access has been established.

A training video is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1zj8JqxWg4


Christine Twombly, RN-BC, RAC-MT, RAC-MTA, HCRM, CHC
Clinical Consultant

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