Are the resident quarantine requirements the same for residents who are unvaccinated and those who are vaccinated, but have not received a booster?


Yes, Based on updated guidance released by the CDC on Feb. 2, 2022:

      • CDC now recommends quarantining residents who have close contact with an infected person if the resident is not up to date (not boosted). They can be released from quarantine after 10 days or after 7 days with a negative test, unless they develop symptoms.
      • CDC recommends quarantining new admissions who are not up to date (not boosted) even if they test negative upon admission. Previously, only unvaccinated admissions needed to be quarantined.


Shelly Maffia, MSN, MBA, RN, LNHA, QCP, CHC, CLNC, CPC
Director of Regulatory Services

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