LTC Litigation Briefing


This session will provide an overview of the current workforce demographics and trends, as well as innovative and proven methods to address workforce challenges. Actionable steps and ideas to inform recruitment and retention strategies will be discussed.



This series provides a forum for discussion of industry hot topics for Administrators in 2023. Format will include presentation and group discussion forum with opportunity to pre-submit questions and scenarios based on actual facility issues and concerns. An online networking forum is available to attendees for topical discussion. This session will review key strategies to avoid litigation in long term care facilities. We will review common reasons why residents and families sue and discuss strategies to reduce lawsuits. Additionally, it will include a discussion on the use of facility arbitration agreements.

Learning objectives:

  1. Discuss reasons why residents and families sue
  2. Explain key strategies to help prevent litigation
  3. Understand requirements related to the use of arbitration agreements

PDF Downloads include:

– Link to Recordings
– Link to Handouts


*Webinar recorded May 2023