Survey Prep & Understanding (Full Series Purchase)


FULL SERIES PURCHASE: This will register one individual for all 8 sessions of the Survey Prep & Understanding Post-Survey Elements webinar series.



Need to ensure your team is survey ready? This intensive 8-week workshop establishes department specific expectations and provides the insights key staff members need to understand the survey process, ensure collective survey preparedness, and overcome deficiencies.

Whether your new to the LTC Survey process, seeking to refresh staff skills, or taking action to reset after less than optimal past health inspection outcomes, this training is for you.

Sessions Include

      • Week-by-Week Action Plan for Year-Round Survey Readiness
      • Addressing Obstacles During the Survey
      • Department-Specific Survey Expectations
      • Preparing Your Team for Survey Success
      • After the Survey: Plan of Correction, DPoC
      • Preparing for the Survey Revisit, CMPs, and Appeals
      • Strategies for Successful IDR/IIDR & Administrative Law Hearings
      • Enforcement Remedies