The Proficient Infection Preventionist (Full series purchase)


FULL SERIES PURCHASE: This will register one individual for all 8 sessions of the Infection Preventionist webinar series.



This 8-session webinar series emphasizes skill building for the Post-Acute Care Infection Preventionist with a focus on establishing and managing an effective IPC program in the SNF/LTC/AL setting. This series will provide a framework for supporting the Infection Preventionist with solid systems for sustained infection control, resources for compliant surveillance, data collection and outbreak management, and guidance for managing evolving regulatory requirements through a monthly remote learning group with other Infection Preventionists nationwide.

Sessions Include

      • Roles & Responsibilities of the Infection Preventionist
      • Developing and Effective IPC Program
      • IPC Surveillance
      • Antibiotic Stewardship
      • Managing Effective Diseases Common in LTC
      • Outbreak Management
      • Cleaning & Disinfection
      • IP Survey Preparedness