Section GG Toolkit


Updated for 10/1/2023! – Proactive’s GG (Functional Abilities & Goals) Toolkit is your primary source for training front line staff, clinicians, and the interdisciplinary team in self-care and mobility coding accuracy. Ready-made content includes documentation tools, GG observation form, inservice material with detailed presenter guide and video case studies for practice scoring scenarios, coding accuracy audit, and more. PDF download available after purchase. 


New! Section GG Toolkit Updated for 10/1/2023!

Section GG, Functional Abilities and Goals, becomes even more significant as of October 1st, 2023 as CMS retires section G and requires that section GG be completed for OBRA assessments as well as PDPM assessments. In addition to critical reimbursement implications, Section GG also impacts SNF QRP and Quality Measures, and is a factor in Care Area Triggers (CATs) and triggering Care Area Assessments (CAAs).

Section GG Staff Development Tool-Kit Contains:

Training Tools

      • Toolkit Guide
      • Section GG Toolkit PowerPoint Presentation with Speaker notes
      • Case Study Videos
      • Training Activity Worksheets
      • Extra Practice Study Videos
      • Post-Test & Answer Keys

Compliance / Audit Tools

      • Section GG Observation Tool
      • Section GG Documentation & Coding Accuracy Audit

Documentation Tools

      • Section GG Admission Worksheets
      • Section GG Discharge Worksheets
      • Section GG OBRA/Interim Worksheets
      • Section GG IPA Worksheets

Other Resources

      • MDS Section GG Coding Policy Example
      • Section GG Function Score Quick Tips
      • Section GG Items Directly Impact SNF QRP Measures

View a sample video:


PDF download available after purchase.