PDPM Section GG Function Scoring Competency Toolkit


PDF DOWNLOAD – The tool-kit addresses revisions and additions to Section GG effective with the PDPM implementation October 1, 2019, and targets front line staff training needs with SNF resident video case studies to develop expertise in assessing function using real-life scenarios.


This toolkit makes quality staff development for GG coding accuracy fast, easy and demonstrates your commitment to assessing competency for compliance in this potentially high-risk reimbursement area under PDPM.

Section GG Staff Development Tool-Kit Contains:

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Training Tools:
    • Lesson Plans and Instructor Guide
    • PowerPoint Slides with speaker notes
    • 15 Case Study Videos
    • Training Activity Worksheets
    • 5 Extra practice case study videos
    • Post-Test and Answer Keys
  • Other GG Coding Resources:
    • GG 3-Day Documentation Form
    • Additional GG Coding Examples for each Self-Care item with rationale
    • Section GG Coding Observation Audit Tool
    • GG Documentation Audit Tool
    • GG -SNF QRP Impact Guide

This product includes:

When you purchase this product, you’ll receive a link to download a pdf with all of the contents listed above.