Bowel/Bladder Incontinence, Catheter, UTI F690


This session reviews F690 – Bowel/Bladder Incontinence, Catheter, and UTI



During this year long series, we will focus on the top deficiencies cited nationally with the new Long-Term Care Survey Process (LTCSP). Each session will concentrate on top-cited F-Tags with a review of the regulation and an analysis of the associated Interpretive Guidance. Survey procedures, such as associated Critical Element Pathways and/or Surveyor Probes used to guide the investigative process will be discussed. Actual citation examples will be shared and examined. Tools to assist the facility interdisciplinary team in monitoring compliance and incorporating performance improvement activities into the facility QAPI processes will be a focal point.

Learning objectives:

  1. Identify the regulatory requirements related to bowel/bladder incontinence, catheter, and UTI
  2. Identify survey procedures that describe how bowel/bladder incontinence, catheter, and UTI requirements are reviewed forcompliance during the annual survey process
  3. Identify examples of how F-Tags related to bowel/bladder incontinence, catheter and UTI are commonly cited in LTCSP
  4. Identify tools for the leadership team to use for monitoring compliance with bowel/bladder incontinence, catheter and UTIrequirements
  5. Explain strategies for incorporating survey preparedness related to bowel/bladder incontinence, catheter, and UTI intofacility QAPI processes

PDF Downloads include:

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*Webinar recorded December 2018