QAPI Toolkit


This toolkit is designed to assist facilities in meeting the Phase 3 Requirements of Participation related to QAPI, which require each facility to develop, implement, and maintain an effective, comprehensive, data-driven QAPI program that focuses on indicators of the outcomes of care and quality of life.


This tool-kit is designed to assist facilities in maintaining documentation and demonstrating evidence of its ongoing QAPI program that meets the regulatory requirements. This may include but is not limited to systems and reports demonstrating systematic identification, reporting, investigation, analysis, and prevention of adverse events; and documentation demonstrating the development, implementation, and evaluation of corrective actions or performance improvement activities.


The following tools are included in the QAPI toolkit:

  • QAA Committee Education- Phase 3 RoP Implementing an Effective QAPI Program Webinar Link and Handouts
  • QAPI Annual Report
  • QAA Annual Meeting Schedule
  • QAPI Program Governing Body Responsibilities Acknowledgment Form
  • QAPI Program Evaluation of Required Resources
  • QAPI Fundamentals Training for Staff/Resident/Families – Power Point, Handout, & Post-Test
  • Sample Written QAPI Plan
  • QAPI Program Policy
  • QAPI Feedback, Data Collection Systems, & Monitoring Policy
  • QAPI Systematic Analysis and Systemic Action Policy
  • QAPI Risk Identification Tool
  • Measure and Monitoring Plan
  • QAPI Data Tracking Tool
  • QAPI Meeting Minutes Form
  • QAPI Meeting Minutes Attendance Sign-In Form
  • Root Cause Analysis Tool
  • Performance Improvement Project (PIP) Launch Checklist
  • Performance Improvement Project (PIP) Charter
  • Performance Improvement Project (PIP) Work Plan Log & Inventory
  • Performance Improvement Project (PIP) Worksheet
  • PDSA Cycle Template
  • Sustainability Decision Review Template
  • Sample Letter for Resident/Family Surveys
  • Resident/Family Evaluation/Survey
  • Employee Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Idea Worksheet