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This 8-week series, recorded February-March 2022, guides the interdisciplinary team through the elements of an effective falls prevention program. Sessions focus on assessment strategies that guide targeted risk-based interventions, responding to a fall event, and promoting a fall prevention environment. Presented by a team of nurse and therapist experts, this series aims to provide the insights and tools needed to implement improved falls prevention programs in the SNF/LTC/AL setting. Sessions will address integrating nursing and therapy assessments to determine individual fall risk factors, addressing risks using evidence-based practice, person-centered care planning, and applying targeted interventions to address risk factors such as dementia, low vision, balance impairment, incontinence as well as improving safety through interventions that consider resident preferences, and application of root-cause analysis when falls occur.Click here if you have any questions or issues with your registration.

Session 1:  Assessing Fall Risk Using Evidence-Based Practice
Session 2: Analyzing the Fall Event/Critical Steps After a Fall
Session 3: Frontline Strategies for Fall Prevention: Environmental Measures, Activities Programs & Promoting Safe Movement
Session 4: Conquering Falls Through Effective Care Planning
Session 5: Targeted Interventions Based on Risk Factors – Part 1
Session 6: Targeted Interventions Based on Risk Factors – Part 2
Session 7: Engaging the Troops: Moving the Falls Program Forward Through Staff Training & Engagement
Session 8: Tactical Plan for Sustained Falls Prevention Through QAPI