Don’t get lost on the road to PDPM. Proactive has the map to transition readiness.

Prepare Confidently with Proactive’s Clinical Reimbursement Experts!

Need GPS to steer the way to success under the Patient Driven payment Model? Proactive knows the way! Proactive’s budget friendly transition partnership drives readiness in a manageable monthly work plan format. You’ll gain access to Proactive’s training, toolkits, PDPM policies, and transition consultants knowledgeable in critical elements of MDs coding, SNF ICD.10-CM, interdisciplinary collaboration and reimbursement/billing transition success.

Proactively Prepare for PDPM

    • Transition readiness begins with a facility specific PDPM Impact Analysis to know where you stand compared to RUGs IV.
    • Proactive reviews current coding and clinical systems to identify gaps and opportunities under the new reimbursement model. Our MDS experts offer the knowledge and support to help your team thrive from day one of the project through the October 2019 transition.
    • Proactive is the proven source for PDPM transition education for your team with over 25 AHCA and LeadingAge state association engagements to train SNF providers in 2019 in content areas such as PDPM fundamentals, Supporting Non-rehab skilled stays, MDS Coding Updates for PDPM, GG and ICD.10-CM Training by Proactive’s AHIMA approved ICD.10-CM Trainer.


Click here to see more information. A sample work plan is available upon request.