We have isolated new admissions in our facility during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Can we report and get “credit” for this precautionary isolation or does the resident have to have an active infection?



Precautionary isolation should not be reported in the MDS. According to the RAI we should only code O100M2 if the resident is being isolated for:  An active infection.

Per RAI, pg. O-5: Code Isolation only when:

      • The resident requires transmission-based precautions AND
      • Single room isolation (alone in a separate room) BECAUSE OF
      • An active infection (i.e., symptomatic and/or have a positive test and are in the contagious stage)


      • Highly transmissible or epidemiologically significant pathogens that have been acquired by physical contact or airborne or droplet transmission.

Blog by Eleisha Wilkes, RN, RAC-CTA, Proactive Medical Review

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